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RestoShack is a small, progressive restoration and fabrication workshop located just outside of Exeter in the South West of the UK. We thrive on the retro and old school cars of the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's, helping enthusiastic owners breath life back into their pride and joys.


About Us

We are a small, personal shop, where each project is handled with care and attention. Our small team will be with you from the first call or email, throughout all of the restoration work, to the finished car.

With over 15 years experience in local body / restoration shops, we know our way around most retro and modern cars. We do not specialise in any one make or model of car, with recent projects including retro VW Golf’s, Porsche 911’s, Lancia Intergrale’s and much more.

Here at RestoShack we believe that everything can be saved, whether it be a ‘90s icon or a ‘20s classic, and everything in between. We are a modern and progressive workshop, specialising in classic and retro cars. We respect and use the traditional methods of body repair/ coach building, but also incorporate modern procedures and equipment. Giving us the edge to tackle both traditional restoration projects and modern bespoke car builds.

Take a look around the site, meet the team and see some of the cars that we have brought back to life.

Do we look like the right place for your next build? Give us a call on 01392 811661, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Meet The Team

Team RestoShack are four diverse individuals working together with one aim…. the resurrection of any historic/classic/retro cars.

Each member of the team bring their own skills to the table, be it mechanical, metalwork, paint and body. Led by owner Dave Watkins, who’s style and passion echo throughout the workshop. This small team can rival any high level restoration shop in the country.

There are many great advantages of having a small, close knit team, one of which being that you will most likely meet and come to know each member of the team. Making you feel closer to the work then you ever have before.

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Customer Cars

RestoShack has worked on a number of interesting projects, from vintage restorations, to modern day classics. We have also completed our fair share of metal fabrication and one off paint work too. Feel free to browse through some of our favorite work below.

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Mk1 Golf OEM+ Restoration

  It seems the Mk1 Golf scene knows no bounds lately. Each year more and more cars return from years of restoration, some with quite modest changes (OEM+) and others with more extreme modifications. But in this scene of air ride vs. static,  and wheel choice on everyone's mind, is the humble Mk1 getting lost in a sea engine conversions and scene brands.   We have a few Mk1 Golf's under going restorations that all fall into different categories of work and style, but are all amazing in their own right. We have a white GTi which is what has become known as an OEM+ build. This is fairly standard apart from internal engine tuning and suspension. Even this "original" has had its difficulties with genuine, good condition parts being somewhat of a nightmare to find at times.     The red GTi which is currently in the body shop will be following the previous white GTI

VW Rallye Restoration – Rebuild Update

  As some people will know we were proud to have been working on Ben's Rallye off and on since it left our Shop in January last year.   We have been on hand to help him get the car built up and the panels colour sanded, getting the car closer and closer to rolling out of Ben's garage. Sadly, with both our schedules being packed the car has taken a back seat of late.   So it is my hope that this blog post will light a fire under both of our butts and to push us forward and getting his car sitting on the ground on the parts that we have worked on so far.     The spec list on Ben's Rallye is eminence, with every part seeing some kind of work or detailing. As the following images will show that this is set to move the bar of Golf restoration and




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