Our Process

Our Process

Here is a short video showing the process which all our cars go through. Whether it is a Porsche 911 a Mk1 Golf, Mini or Ford Escort our process is always the same.

We take great care in all stages of a Restoration. We believe that quality metalwork and essential mock up of trim and fixings are foundations of a body rebuild. We lead finish all our panel gaps and joints where needed and perform a full bare metal mock up at the metalwork stage of our builds prior to bodywork.

Our bodywork process utilises all modern products and procedures to give an arrow straight body. Depending on the body style of the car we apply an all over spray filler coat to sharpen body lines and ensure perfect panel to panel fitment. We block and hand sand our restorations so we catch any imperfects.

Etch, Epoxy and high build primers can then be applied in the correct order, each being sanded smooth before the next level is applied. We spray our topcoats and all other products with British built Devilbiss guns. Topcoats vary from car to car as different products are used for solid and metallic colours.

What you see being sprayed in the video it Glasurit 68 line two pack. Two full coats will give the colour a gloss finish you’d expect from a high quality paint.