Mk2 Escort RS2000 – Build Diary – The Disassembly

So... I guess we better get started. Now that all the dust has settled and the glamour of one of the finest barn finds we have ever witnessed is over. We still have a job to do, a car to build, and a customer to satisfy. We once again battled the semi-seized wheels and brakes to get it on our second flatbed truck to bring it over the workshop. We also pulled the brake pads

Mk1 Golf R32 – Build Diary

Another week another Mk1 to build, this time it's quite different! James's Mk1 will be quite a car, running a 3.2 VR6 engine from an Audi TT which is at a mid stage of conversion, it's sat in there but nothing is finalised. We have full roll cage, O2J shifter, vibrtec mount and host of other trick goodies to throw at the mk1 build. This maybe a bit of an animal underneath, but it will

Mk2 Escort RS2000 Restoration – Build Diary

  Since the shop began we have longed to get the chance to rebuild this Blue ovaled icon. This will be our finest build to date as it undergoes a full nut and bolt restoration. There is a lot planned for this Escort, starting with a full bare shell strip down and chemical dipping process at Enviro Strip UK, to ensure a paint/sealer and rust free body shell for the metalwork to begin. New replacement

Ultimate Dubs Golf Rallye – Build Diary

So here we are again, what is now our third Rallye build (with hopefully many more to follow). This time we have been tasked with the full rebuild of this special hot hatch from top to bottom. The Mk2 Golf Rallye drove into the shop from London in December last year (2015) for a full overhaul. The aim is to unveil the car at ultimate dubs in early 2018, though we won't be rushing the

Mk1 Golf OEM+ Restoration

  It seems the Mk1 Golf scene knows no bounds lately. Each year more and more cars return from years of restoration, some with quite modest changes (OEM+) and others with more extreme modifications. But in this scene of air ride vs. static,  and wheel choice on everyone's mind, is the humble Mk1 getting lost in a sea engine conversions and scene brands.   We have a few Mk1 Golf's under going restorations that all fall into different

VW Rallye Restoration – Rebuild Update

  As some people will know we were proud to have been working on Ben's Rallye off and on since it left our Shop in January last year.   We have been on hand to help him get the car built up and the panels colour sanded, getting the car closer and closer to rolling out of Ben's garage. Sadly, with both our schedules being packed the car has taken a back seat of late.   So

Vespa Perfection – 1989 Vespa Mk1 T5

We have had the pleasure recently of working on some truly iconic cars here at RestoShack, but we are not always asked to revive vehicles with 4 wheels, we sometimes get treated to something from the world of two wheels. This time it was a classic T5 Vespa, which needed almost 25 years of use to be freshened up so that it looked and felt better than new.   We started by sending the panels

Tom White’s Mk2 Escort Van

Tom is a good friend of ours here at RestoShack, and when he came to us with his trusty mk2 Escort van I knew this was going to be a fun project. The van is used daily by Tom and is used every weekend to transport Tom's drums to pubs across the South West for gigs. Tom was not looking for a full restoration, but a much needed tidy and some crucial welding before the