mk1 Golf R32

Another week another Mk1 to build, this time it’s quite different!

James’s Mk1 will be quite a car, running a 3.2 VR6 engine from an Audi TT which is at a mid stage of conversion, it’s sat in there but nothing is finalised. We have full roll cage, O2J shifter, vibrtec mount and host of other trick goodies to throw at the mk1 build. This maybe a bit of an animal underneath, but it will still have the same fit and finish as any worthy mk1 to leave our shop.


Let’s not get carried away with all the cool parts as we have a lot of work to put into the body shell, including new sills, rear arches, back panel, front panel and a new roof skin. Along with a host of smaller areas, such as the fire wall which needs new panels fabricated and formed in order to repair them.


We will try and update the blog in stages to show how we go about a build of this size. Our first section of work will be to strip the shell of all components and then remove the front and rear panels along with the outer sill panels. It will then be sent to First Choice Finishes for media blasting. Then transported back to the shop and straight into the paint shop for finish sanding and full coat of epoxy primer to seal the bare steel and allow us to assess the extent of the repairs required, and book time slots for the work to begin.


Could this be another build to take to Retro Rides Gathering next year? Only time will tell, so check back with us soon or follow the build live on our Facebook page.

mk1 Golf R32 Bay
mk1 Golf R32 rear quarter
mk1 Golf R32 Engine

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  • John

    I like to know if you do cars from other countries
    And how much more and less it cost for this mk1 black fo exemple


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