So… I guess we better get started.

Now that all the dust has settled and the glamour of one of the finest barn finds we have ever witnessed is over. We still have a job to do, a car to build, and a customer to satisfy.

We once again battled the semi-seized wheels and brakes to get it on our second flatbed truck to bring it over the workshop. We also pulled the brake pads and shoes out right there at the storage facility.

The car decided to put up a fight and grudgingly moved onto the truck, but it was mostly the other way around where the car was dragging the truck to it. No time for fun and games getting it off, we simply backed the truck over to the two post ramp and fitted the car straight off the truck bed.



There it is the eagle has landed, so to speak. First up, it needed to roll and no one in the team has the back strength or patience to try and push this beast anymore. Luckily, the front brake pads gave up the fight with ease, but the stubborn rear drums did not want to come off at all… So much so that when they did break loose the liner from the brake shoe came off, seized to the inside of the drum!

So now it rolls, it’s time to strip it to the bare bones. First out is the precious original interior which will be cleaned and restored and not replaced. Next is the glass, there’s not much left so no problem with that.

Lastly on to the engine and drivetrain, the rear spring hangers were seized, as were a host of other nuts, bolt, shackles etc. Some fixings can be replaced but most will be restored via a zinc plating process. We can tell you about it all day long, but why not watch for yourself as the video below shows the car coming apart in readiness for the next stage… Chemical dipping!

Check back with us soon

Team RestoShack


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